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About TrueClot


A Commitment to Quality, Affordability, and Realism

The TrueClot team is committed to developing long-lasting and low-cost products that provide the most realistic bleeding control training experiences possible.

TrueClot understands the importance of providing reliable training products at an affordable price. We aim to strike a balance between durable materials and maintaining a low cost per training for our customers. The durability of TrueClot task trainers ensures that customers may conduct several years of training sessions without replacement, limiting equipment costs. A single task trainer can be subjected to thousands of training sessions during its lifetime. And with each training session, wounds will repeatedly be packed with gauze, and tourniquets will be torqued and torqued until the bleeding has stopped. 

In 2011, Luna Innovations (the parent company of TrueClot) was awarded a research contract by the Office of the Secretary of Defense to invent a next-generation blood simulant for use in training military combat medics. This new blood simulant needed to look, feel, and clot like real human blood. This research led to the development of TrueClot Blood Simulant; the only blood simulant with realistic, active clotting.

Soon after introducing TrueClot Blood Simulant, we recognized the need for durable bleeding control task trainers. With a strong dedication to realism, TrueClot worked directly with EMS First Responders and Military Combat Medics to develop our task trainer product line. Today, TrueClot Wound Packing Task Trainers and Tourniquet Application Trainers are trusted all over the world to train EMS personnel, military first responders, and civilians.

Innovation and Collaboration

At its core, the TrueClot team is a collection of engineers, researchers and first responders driven by innovation. We rely heavily on customer feedback and incorporate direct input to develop creative solutions.  With help from our customers we will continue to equip instructors with the best tools to teach others to save a life. Stay tuned to learn what new products TrueClot will be launching next!