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Orland Park, Illinois using TrueClot® to Simulate the Real Thing

By Stephen Mark Duke, Lieutenant/EMS Administrator, Orland Park Fire Protection District

A couple of paramedics from Orland Park and I participated in the TECC class held during the EMSWORLD EXPO 2016 in New Orleans. The concepts were not foreign to us but the hemorrhage control trainer we practiced with was outstanding. We budgeted and purchased 2 TrueClot® Wound Packing Trainers when we returned home. Since that time we have trained over 100 of our paramedics and over 100 responders from various Illinois departments. We also branched out and conducted a BCON class for the school nurses here. We have several TECC/RTF classes scheduled and will be utilizing those trainers for months and years to come. I am looking forward to any future concepts that may be pending and would like to see some modules that could be applied to manikins or live role players. TrueClot makes our simulations in training closer to the real thing. Hopefully the skills will never be needed but the TrueClot trainer has truly made us better prepared.

First responders practice wound packing techniques at Orland Park, Illinois.