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TrueClot® Hemorrhage Control Training Products at NAEMSE 2017

Greetings EMS Educators,

Our TrueClot team would like to invite you to visit our booth # 111 next week at the NAEMSE Educator Symposium 2017.  We will be presenting live demonstrations of our TrueClot Hemorrhage Control Training products featuring our highly realistic simulated clotting blood and durable wound packing task trainers.  Hands-on testing is more than welcome and encouraged!  Our products are an excellent addition to your B-CON, TECC or Active Shooter Response training.

TrueClot products were developed to aid training of 
first responders in traumatic hemorrhage control, wound packing and the use of advanced hemostatic dressings. TrueClot Blood Simulant will form realistic simulated blood clots when used together with TrueClot Simulated Hemostatic Dressings and our wound packing Task Trainers (gunshot or laceration wound models available.) Moulage clots can also be created instantly by mixing TrueClot Blood Simulant with our liquid Clotting Solution. TrueClot accurately matches the color, opacity and flow characteristics of human blood. It is non-biological and non-hazardous, washes from skin and clothing with soap and water and is shelf-stable for 18 months. TrueClot Blood Simulant is available as a pre-mixed solution or as a concentrate designed to be diluted in water by the end user.

Please visit us at www.trueclot.com or reply to this message for more information about our TrueClot line of products.