TrueClot® products are designed to provide realistic bleeding control training. Developed for training first responders in traumatic hemorrhage control, tourniquet placement, wound packing and the use of advanced hemostatic dressings, TrueClot Blood Simulant will form realistic simulated blood clots when used together with TrueClot Simulated Hemostatic Dressings and our wound packing task trainers.

Moulage clots can also be created instantly by mixing TrueClot Blood Simulant with our liquid Clotting Solution. TrueClot Blood Simulant accurately matches the color, opacity and flow characteristics of human blood. It is non-biological and non-hazardous, washes from skin and clothing with soap and water and is shelf-stable for twelve months.  TrueClot training products are currently used by military first responders, EMS personnel and medical simulation professionals.