Chest seal application is a critical bleeding control intervention. The TrueClot® Chest Seal Application Trainer is a task trainer designed to teach this critical skill in both table top/classroom and wearable/scenario settings.

As a table top trainer, the simulated entry and exit wounds will bleed and bubble mimicking tension pneumothorax indications.  A real chest seal is applied to the trainer so students can practice with the seal they use in the field while learning proper placement techniques.  The wound trainer actively bleeds and simulates both exhalation and inhalation demonstrating the sealing and venting action of various chest seal products.   TrueClot’s proprietary design and materials allow chest seals to be removed and reused multiple times to reduce training costs.

When students are ready for scenario training, the same table top wounds can be adhered to and worn on the included Velcro MOLLE vest.  Students are taught to manage a moving patient while applying chest seals using skills learned during table top training.  The unique design allows instructors to place entry and exit wounds in various locations on the torso.  The Chest Seal Application Trainer includes a reservoir for simulated blood, tubing and a bulb pump for active bleeding simulation during wearable, scenario training.  The reservoir/pump system is stored inside the vest and tubing is secured inside the MOLLE loop to prevent tangles and increase realism.

Chest Seal Application Trainer features:

  • Durable simulated wounds and Velcro MOLLE vest
  • Easy to clean and air dry
  • Apply and reuse real chest seals for realistic training
  • Simulated bubbling, breathing and chest seal venting/sealing
  • Wearable entry and exit wounds with active bleeding for scenarios

The Chest Seal Application Trainer comes with entry and exit wound models, a squeeze bottle for table top training, Velcro MOLLE vest, simulated blood reservoir, bulb pump and tubing with quick connectors for wearable/scenario training.

TrueClot Chest Seal Application Trainer (item # 5214) – Dark or Light flesh tones available

All TrueClot task trainers are latex-free.

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