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Clotting Solution

TrueClot Clotting Solution is designed to be mixed with TrueClot Blood Simulant to  create realistic simulated blood clots for use in moulage, bleeding control, trauma or surgical training.

Use a 5:1 ratio of Blood Simulant to Clotting Solution to create robust simulated clots, or a 10:1 ratio for weaker, wetter simulated clots. Clotting action is instant and results in highly realistic simulated blood clots that can be applied to training manikins, live actors or to enhance realism of a training scenario.

The clotted Blood Simulant can also be used to simulate tissue avulsion by squeezing excess liquid from larger clots until a stringy tissue-like simulation is created. Partially drying simulated clots on a paper towel will result in a denser, hematoma-like clot. Fully drying simulated clots will result in dark red, dry, scab-like material.

TrueClot Clotting Solution may also be applied to training gauzes and other dressing material to cause simulated clotting when packed into flowing TrueClot Blood Simulant for use in wound packing and hemorrhage control training. The simulated clots are safe and nonhazardous, wash from skin and clothing with soap and water and can be disposed of in regular trash. The Blood Simulant will not clot unless it comes in contact with TrueClot Clotting Solution or Simulated Hemostatic Gauze.

TrueClot® Clotting Solution 500ml (item # 5132) – MSRP $30

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